Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let all these nonsense stop!

Lately, much has been talked about with regards to Pas working together with UMNO supposedly for the sake of Malays and Islam.

We have mentioned earlier that Pas is fully aware about the hidden motives behind all these proposals from UMNO. We have also specifically reiterated that as far as the interface between Pas and UMNO is concerned, what happened before were mere "Muqabalah" ie meetings on personal basis between some leaders in Pas with their counterparts in UMNO. It was never meant to be an official meeting, or "muzakarah", at party level between Pas and UMNO.

Pas, its leaders and grassroot supporters, having been in Malaysian political scenario for over 50 years, are not naive and cannot be easily duped by UMNO. We have matured, and become well versed, with the intricacies of Malaysian politics. The path that we have taken have made us wise enough to differentiate between friends and foes.

As such, I am greatly amused reading news report about the purported offer from Perak UMNO today, made by its chief, Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali, for Pas and UMNO to form a join government in Perak.

I would like to reiterate here that Pas is not interested to work with UMNO either at Federal level or any states level for that matter. Pas is very comfortable with its alliance with PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat, and will not abandon this alliance no matter how sweet is the offer that comes from UMNO.

I would also like to advise Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli, just as what I have advised Tan Sri Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib recently, that UMNO should better focus their energies and efforts to salvage the sinking ship of UMNO, without dragging along PAS on their way down.


Wendy said...

On the PAS and DAP 'sideshow'.

Why do I call it a 'sideshow'? Well, the recent update on Anwar's Sodomy case sure overshadows it. However, coming back to topic, I want to say that there are two sides of the coin for the argument. I agree that DAP made 'noise' when PAS's agreed to have 'talks' with UMNO citing that it should be 'Malaysian Unity talks' instead of just 'Malay Unity-Talks' by Lim Kit Siang.

I understand that someone has to 'bark' when it comes to defending the rights of the non-Malays whenever it is neglected by any political party be it PAS/DAP/GERAKAN/etc if there should be any group of people being represented (in this case it's Race) be left out. What I don't agree is WHAT Karpal Singh blurted out without giving much thought about the Pakatan alliance in which it is the greater good. I cannot agree more when the Tok guru Nik himself call Karpal 'orang kampung'.

Let me reiterate, I cannot agree more. I feel that Karpal should apologise for this although Tok Guru didn't demand one (how nice, he just wanted to move on). If Karpal doesn't do it, his son Gobind should suffice. I believe it is also wise for PAS to allow the Kelab Penyokong Pas Kebangsaan, whom the chairman is Hu Pang Chaw (obviously Chinese), in taking the stand in making a statement saying that what was said by Karpal was unfair for PAS and all.

As a whole, I am very impressed of PAS and its members (if personally met a few here and there after meeting some of them at ceramahs) and I personally find them accommodating and intellectually forward thinking (Khalid Samad ROCKS!!), unlike what UMNO & its media machinery has portrayed them as 'KOLOT'. After March 8, I believe that more non-Muslims (including myself) is impressed of them and find that it is the UMNO guys that are more 'kolot' themselves than the ones they try to propagate/portray so on the Main Stream Media (MSM).

However, I feel that PAS MUST MAKE IT CLEAR as to the terms of negotiations of both the Muzakarah/Muqabalah (Anwar sum it up well in english in HIS press conference 11:30 a.m. yesterday) to the non - Muslims as to the nature of these negotiations that took place. PAS have ought to be prepared to be more transparent in educating the public as to what is really going on between them & UMNO. After all, is PAS REALLY "PAS FOR ALL"? As leaders of the party, I feel that Hadi Awang & Tok Guru should make their statements clear and not make others stumble by saying things like 'merging with UMNO' or 'PAS & UMNO should dissolve' while not making it clear nor explaining their intentions to do such and such discussions in the first place (which I feel it could be done earlier)... Thanks to this 'mishap' (if I may say that this is so), TV3 had a FIELD DAY two days ago (28/07/08, Monday) on the 8 p.m. news... it will certainly cause unrest not only to the non-Muslims but also to those who are in favour and support of the Pakatan Alliance. (These days, why wouldn't you?)

So, TO CONCLUDE... I can say that DAP has the right to 'bark' (in response to the statements made with regards to the UMNO discussions) but it must be careful what words it chooses and not just straight away babble away without thinking while on the other hand PAS should lead by example by being more careful as to understand what it does and how they do things as their 'doors' are now more open to the general public and I believe that they must give a good impression to those who do not know them by not causing anymore doubts/misunderstandings. Please don't allow an opportunity in making one's followers or the general public to mistakenly view your actions in a negative light although it isn't. But as for now, it is testing time for PR. Therefore, it is high time that Pakatan Rakyat can truly 'iron out' its differences and truly co - exist with one another and that Race-base politics is the thing of the past. Let's prove the EVIL BN wrong and that their days are numbered. PR is here to stay!! All the best!!

Best Wishes,

Malcolm Yeow.
Just an ardent fan of PR

Husam Musa said...

I hope the clarification from the President Dato’ Seri Haji Hadi Awang last Thursday that Pas rejects any form of cooperation with UMNO and BN will allay the fears and concerns of all Malaysians about the prospect of Pas working together with UMNO again. Let's move forward and leave the confusion behind us.